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While our physical office remains closed as we shelter in place, we wish to assure you that we are open for business and committed to serving you. We are available to meet with you by phone or by video and are pleased to offer “portable” services, such as mediation, which can be conducted remotely, and parenting coordination, to assist parents with the resolution of custody disputes while access to the Courts remains limited. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (415) 495-4499, or We wish you and yours good health and good humor as we navigate this unprecedented moment.

Pierson Coats Palash & Paul LLP

Who We Are

Family Law Experts

We are four generations of lawyers committed to the practice of family law, with a tradition of distinguished service to our profession. We are recognized as an exemplary firm and leaders in the legal community.

We handle every aspect of family law from child custody to complex financial transactions, from litigation to collaborative practice. We advise clients in mediation, pre- and post-filing consultations, the preparation of pre-and post-marital agreements, and neutral work (parenting coordination, single issue arbitration, and private judging).

Many family lawyers shy away from litigation; we don’t. Advocating for a child’s best interests in court is some of the most important and satisfying work that we do, and we are regarded as leaders in child custody litigation. A marital dissolution is often one of the most impactful financial transactions of our clients’ lives. We pride ourselves on educating our clients so they understand their rights and obligations under the law and their options for resolution. When agreements aren’t possible between spouses/partners/co-parents, we litigate matters that involve complex issues, including custody and finances. Whether your concerns are the valuation of a privately-held business interest, equity grants, executive compensation, or a possible move away issue, we have the experience and skills to help you.

We Offer Pragmatic and Honest Advice

We work hard and tend to details. We do sweat the small stuff. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll figure it out. We take seriously the notion that our job is to do what is best for our clients. We are not interested in “one size fits all” solutions and recognize that each client is different and has different needs and aspirations for themselves and their children. It’s possible this is the first time you are facing a separation, divorce, or unresolved conflict and you aren’t sure what to do. We offer perspective and honest advice. We believe that the best results come from an active partnership between attorney and client—our job is to put our experience to work to educate you about your rights, your responsibilities, your options, strategies and their possible outcomes so that you may make an informed decision about what is right for you, and for your family. Whether you are engaged in mediation, a collaborative process, or full-scale litigation, you will be prepared. We understand that this is your life, your case, your future and that you will be making some of the most important decisions a person can make in the context of your family law matter. We stand ready to help you make your way through to the next chapter in your life.

Integrity is One of Our Greatest Assets

We believe in confidentiality, discretion, and professionalism. We developed our reputations through years of consistently reliable and professional representation of our clients. We believe that our integrity is one of our greatest assets. We will not tell you what we think you want to hear. We will give you the good news along with the middling to downright bad news. Our clients value honesty, hard work, fairness, accountability, and are willing to participate actively in the conduct of their matter. This means that we may not be the firm for everyone. If we feel we are not the right fit for you or for the issue(s) you bring to us, for whatever reason, we will tell you so. We understand that you are a whole person and we will treat you with courtesy, respect, and compassion. We also appreciate that life is complicated. We don’t expect our clients to be infallible, but we do expect them to take responsibility for their actions and, with our support, to engage in the process of mending and getting any professional assistance they may need.