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While our physical office remains closed as we shelter in place, we wish to assure you that we are open for business and committed to serving you. We are available to meet with you by phone or by video and are pleased to offer “portable” services, such as mediation, which can be conducted remotely, and parenting coordination, to assist parents with the resolution of custody disputes while access to the Courts remains limited. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (415) 495-4499, or We wish you and yours good health and good humor as we navigate this unprecedented moment.

Pierson Coats Palash & Paul LLP

Issues We Handle

Family law covers a broad spectrum of issues.  We have decades of experience representing women and men in marital and registered domestic partnership dissolutions and separations and parentage actions with the following issues:

  • Child Custody
    • Establish or modify, child custody and visitation plans/orders
    • “High conflict” child custody litigation, which often involves resolution of custody disputes through the use of a child custody evaluation and/or trial
    • Parentage and Co-parenting Agreements
  • Property and Support
    • Identify, characterize, and divide various assets: executive compensation (stock options, restricted stock units, deferred compensation and perquisites), real property (residential and commercial), retirement accounts (pensions, IRAs, 401Ks), family owned and closely-held businesses, professional services practices (law, medical), partnerships, private equity and investments, intellectual property (patents, books, music, film, and artwork)
    • Community/separate property apportionment
    • Establish child support and/or spousal/partner support orders
    • Modify child support and/or spousal/partner support orders post-judgment
    • Pursue and defend fiduciary duty claims
  • Domestic Violence
    • File for emergency temporary restraining orders
    • Trials for permanent restraining orders
  • Agreements
    • Premarital agreements
    • Post-marital agreements
  • Marvin Actions
  • Procedural Matters
    • Litigate jurisdictional disputes
    • Register foreign orders