Pierson Coats Palash & Paul LLP

What We Do

Traditional Representation

Amy Paul, Andrea Palash, and Ashley Felson do traditional representation. This can encompass everything from a settlement negotiated between two lawyers to a full-scale trial. We collect information, either informally or through discovery. We evaluate and propose settlement terms, while also developing your best alternative(s) to a negotiated agreement. We work with you, and experts when necessary, to help you understand the issues and map out a strategy to resolve disputed items. Most matters are resolved by agreement and without court intervention. However, should you need an advocate in court, we are prepared to represent you in all aspects of any court or court-related proceeding, including custody mediation, short cause hearings, depositions, settlement conferences and examination at trial.

Neutral Assignments

Andrea Palash serves as a property arbitrator, which is a quasi-judicial role in which an attorney is appointed by the Court or agreed upon by the parties in a family law matter to make decisions about the characterization, valuation, and division of property (she has handled both real property and personal property matters). She is also expanding her practice to include appointments as a Parenting Coordinator and as a Private Judge for child custody and visitation-related matters.

Confidential Consultation

Do you have a question, or a complex family law problem? We have answers. From telling you what the law is, to developing a more effective negotiation strategy, we can help you better understand your rights, responsibilities, and evaluate your options.

Consultation services are available for clients in mediation, self-represented litigants, second opinions, and those simply wanting more information about a family law matter. As consulting attorneys, we do not represent you in court, we do not interact with your spouse/partner or his or her lawyer, or negotiate on your behalf. Susan Coats, Amy Paul, Andrea Palash, and Ashley Felson all provide consultation services.


Do you like the idea of reaching an agreement rather than having a judge decide? Both Susan Coats, Amy Paul,and Ashley Felson serve as mediators. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process, in which you and your spouses/partners/co-parents, the stakeholders, are the decision makers. As mediators, we help facilitate a conversation between you and your spouses/partners/co-parents, identify your interests and goals, develop possible solutions, and assist you in creating uniquely personal and durable agreements. We do not represent either of you, or advocate for/or against any given position you may have. We strongly recommend that you seek an independent consulting attorney to advise you on your legal rights and obligations during the mediation process. During the mediation, our office can also prepare the necessary documentation to memorialize the terms of your agreement.

Collaborative Practice

Do you want a professional team created to work together to help your family through divorce? Consider Collaborative Practice.

Collaborative Practice is a model that uses the skills of an interdisciplinary team to help clients develop better communication, exchange helpful information, and make decisions that are best for both clients and their families. Clients work with coaches, who are trained mental health professionals, to develop and articulate their interests, create parenting plans when applicable, and communicate more effectively. Child specialists can provide the opportunity for the team and the parents to hear a child’s concerns as the family transitions through the dissolution process. Financial specialists help clients understand their finances, from their budgets to their net worth. Financial specialists also develop different financial scenarios and projections so that each client can evaluate whether a proposed solution works for their near and long term financial goals. The lawyers, rather than playing the role of adversary, work for the good of the family, as that good is defined by the clients.

Susan Coats and Amy Paul are trained and experienced in this consensual dispute resolution model.